Here is a list of stuff for camping this is to help with modern day needs while out in the wild.

 This head lamp is one to the best items it is very bright light.  it is a LED so it lasts a long time on one charge the good thing about this one is you can charge it via USB.  
   This small little flash light is a bright and lasts a long time one AA battery we have them all over the house, car, and office.  We gave them as Christmas gifts one year. 
 This is the same as above just a better buy in bulk.  
   This is a good portable solar panel that you could use to charge up all of your USB devices.  Like the Head lamp above or your cell phone when you are out away from a plug.
 This set of glasses is a wonderful item they are not only sunglasses but they have a strap that you can change to and they become a goggles.  they have 3 different lenses Clear, Yellow, and the dark pictured.  
This is another good little flash light it is not as bright as the ones above but it has one feature that make is just as good it can be used as a lantern as well the lens slides up and makes it lantern.
 The little metal containers pictured here are a wonder.  they are great for storing pills from hiking or even for travel or everyday carry.  We have them in our bags that we take to work and school.  they carry things like pain meds, antacid, and anti-gas,  but the possibilities are endless.