Here is a list of stuff that might make cooking easier or that will help you the Kitchen

   We saw this on TV late one night and thought is might be a good thing to have so I got one for myself to try,  We love it they work great for keeping things from falling throw the grills.  We liked them so much I gave them as Christmas gifts last year.
 Years ago we came across the great little gadget.  It stirs the pot for you so you can do something else in the kitchen.  It is one of the best As Seen On TV things we have ever bought.  

 We were walking through Wal-Mart about 6 months ago and saw this frying new non-stick frying pan, and thought why not give it a try so we bough the 7" one.  To tell you the truth we are glad we did it is one of the best finds.  nothing sticks to the pan you do not need to use much oil or butter to cook with.  It is really easy to clean.  

But there are some down sides to it one it is not easy to brown foods in it.  two you need to get the silicon cover utensils or else you will scratch the pan and damage the non-stick coating.

Oh one more tip on these use a paper towel or cloth or something between the pans if you stack them when you put them away.

 So to go with the pans above here is a set of utensils that are silicon rapped.

 These little beauties work great for make the INDIVIDUAL FROZEN KEY LIME PIES that we posted in the blog.

Recipe located at the bottom the Blog post Guinness Steak Skewers